Path to POSITIVITY of taking the NCLEX


VISION CASTING- having a positive visualization will improve your attitude towards taking your NCLEX. Find a nice quiet, comfortable place to contemplate. Close your eyes and see a picture on the following in your head:


Visualize yourself arriving at the exam location. You are on time, well-prepared, and relaxed. You sit down at your cubicle, face your computer, and have your materials ready. The exam starts, and you read through the instructions for the first time. The first question pops up, and it’s effortless. You are confident that your review concepts have given you the test preparation you need. Picture yourself beginning to answer confidently and knowledgeably. The answers come quickly despite the difficulty of your questions. You work through the exams, answering all the questions with good timing and precision. When the exam finishes, you have completed 75 CAT questions in the NCLEX. You are happy with the exam and confident that you have done well. Congratulate yourself.


POSITIVE AFFIRMATION – Change the message inside your head from ‘I can’t pass the NCLEX’ to ‘I can pass the NCLEX’ and “I will pass this exam for me, my family, and for my future.” Repeat this message to yourself regularly while studying, on the day of your exam, and while you are taking your exam.


PRACTICE A LOT – The best way to avoid the fear of the unknown is to do lots of practice with questions. Practice will make the unknown known. Make it a habit and not an obligation to sit down, face your computer, and answer as many questions that you can. 


LAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPORARILY – It’s pretty hard to take off something that we usually get preoccupied with. However, based on many studies, social media shows off too much negativity. Now, take that sacrifice of cutting down screen time over social media and focus more on your NCLEX. 


HAVE A STUDY BUDDY WITH YOU – Find someone in the same situation as you who’ll take the NCLEX in the comparable period. Monitor each other, talk with each other, and find time also to study with each other. This will create that sense you’re not alone in the journey towards passing the NCLEX. 


HAVE A WORK-STUDY-LIFE BALANCE – Don’t burden and eat personal time over reviewing too much. Set scheduled and adequate time to review consistently in your daily routine. If in case you miss out on a day to hit your books, it’s all ok! Give time still for work, family, and your NCLEX study.  


PRAY, PRAY, PRAY – It’s always best to ask guidance from the man above. Ask for clarity, positivity, and perseverance. You’ll go through bad days and normal days along with your review but pray you’ll be given much determination and never give up.